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Here is a list of the current tractor and combine parts inventory in our parts barn.
This is a very large table, the quickest way to find something would be to use ctrl+f in your browser.

                                      DESCRIPTION  NOTE SOURCE PN#NEW PN#OLD
Supercharge Conversion   Allied Percision SC-Conv  
Piston (3 Per Box)   AG Parts 381464  
Spring Kit, MCV   Hy Capacity 830458  
Seal Ring (2 Per Box) CIH 7230, 7240, 7250, 8910, 8930, 8940, 8950 AG Parts 365229  
PTO Clutch Package 06, 56, 66, 86, 88 AG Parts 68803  
PTO Disk/Gasket Kit All Tractors W/IPTO Valve 381462  AG Parts 977722  
HD PTO Kit W New Brake Pistons IHC 706, 806, 856, 886, 966, 986, 1066, 1086, 1206, 1886 AG Parts 977722HD  
MCV Gasket Kit W/Spring Kit   AG Parts 393877  
Gasket   CNH 71902c2 71902C1, 75697C91, 
Bellows   CNH 393071R2 393071R1, 
Shield   CNH 393211R1  
Switch   CNH 130979c1 121809C1, 
Switch   CNH 1253023c1  
Fuse Holder   CNH A8006 362669R91, S72043, T29389, 
Plate Assembly   CNH 378710r91 378710R91GV, 
Ring   CNH 384337r1  
186 Spool Oring   CNH    
Spring Nut   CNH 13085c1  
Hood Bolt   CNH 373483r2 373483r1
Hood Bolt   CNH 385157R1 369222R1, 488412R1, 
Rubber Washer   CNH 536653r1  
Washer   CNH 536652  
62" Tach Cable   CNH 401830r92 371245R91, 371246R91, 401830R91, 402240R2, 
Gasket   CNH 536649R1  
MFD Axle Seal Kit Incomplete   CNH 193075a3 193075A2, 193075A1, 
Sleeve   CNH 87421772 94547C1, 1277121C91, 87775604
Gasket   CNH 83872C2 1321778C1, 109295C1, 83872C1, 
Clutch Release Bearing   AMS Auto n1509  
Clutch Release Bearing   Ag Parts 832375  
Retainer   CNH 384182R1  
Seal   CNH 370254R91 370254R1, 372474R91, 69761C1, 372438R91, 847870R1, 
Wheel Bearing Kit   CNH 371418R92 371418R91GV, 371418R91, 
Axle Pivot Pin   Hy Capacity HC531239  
Bushing   CNH 98573HA  
Bushing   CNH 358958r2 376099R1, 358958R1, 
Bushing   CNH 531242R1  
Clamp   AGCO 10P961  
Felt Washer (2 per package)   AGCO 833203m1  
Thrust Bearing   AGCO 832961M1  
Brake Disk   A+I Products A-303135241 AGCO 30-303135241AF
Bearing   CNH 1253245C91  
Bearing   Fafnir LFST  
Disk   CNH 130092C1  
Bearing   CNH ST2111 73129701, 89840429, 1-2255, 9840427, 84205365, 70684817, A136003, 84205409, 80068890, 9840429, 1997451C1, 9865, 84205395, 70684816, C70931012, 86837562, 70685675, 90-3672T1, ST2110, 70634567, ST985, 89840427, 
Bearing   CNH 185106C91 369131R91, 
shut-off valve, drain cock, on fuel filters, 86 series   cnh 161707c1  
Spool Nut Oring   CNH 14457980 2040519, 530372R91, L15402, 151201514, F9857, 381361R91, 372821R1, D230417, 238-5121, S300065, 9825518, 340485329, A35958, 340485349, A35970, 300118867, S5714, A32178, W30403, 322165R91, D37172, 
Spool Quad Ring   AG Parts 834114  
Trunnion   Hy Capacity HC531237  
Bushing, Pivot, Steering Cylinder   Hy Capacity HC533283  
Bolt, Trunnion   Hy Capacity HC531238  
Bushing, Pivot Pin   Hy Capacity HC71788  
Button   CNH 1301036C1 1301297C1, 
MCV Washer   CNH 382331R1 347332R1, B2135, 
belt, engine fan, cummins, magnum tractor   cnh J911567  
belt, Ac compressor, cummins magnum tractor   cnh 131403C1  
Hydro Tractor Clutch Spring   CNH 533355R1  
Water Pump Bypass Hose   CNH 672242C2  
switch, light switch, spade terminals   CNH 376851R92  
tube, hydraulic, pump suction, 88 series tractor   CNH 149069C2  
shim, pinion shaft, 5488 mfd   CNH 912708R1  
shim, pinion shaft, 5488 mfd   CNH 912709R1  
bearing, wheel bearing kit, IH 06-88   CNH 371418R92  
bolt, long 1/4" TA dump valve   CNH 70930C1  
seal adapter, 540 PTO, 706-magnum   AP 830626  
tie rod assembly, for IH 66-88    AP 830649  
clutch linkage update kit, 86 series   CNH 1253171c92  
washer, big, on IPTO shaft assembly   CNH 384182R1  
brake kit, 86 series   AP 120235  
hose, steering hand pump   cnh 104792C1  
solenoid, cab relay solenoid, 107655C1     107655C1  
Shift Detent Plate   Ag Parts 830603  
TA Spool Seal   CNH 529883?  
Valve (Used?)   CNH 543976r91 98801C1
Tube (Used?)   CNH 149069C2 14906C1
Oil Pressure Gauge   CNH 121606c2 121606C1, 
Agco Water Temperature Gauge   Agco 72163352  
Light Socket   CNH 534848r1  
Light Bulb   CNH 87283179

K300208, 190003451797, 72181697, 85807096, K300209, 190003450013, 47107445, 8420/03030, 07073874, 199000720002, 73EG13009AA, 87705995, BN300872, 1-40-772-007, 2980295, 73EG13009AAB, 87780766, K300725, 1089134R1, 421036A1, 80446592, 91967C1, K300218, 1964580C2, 47109276, 84088667, K300724, 1494052, 446592, 83952123, 91961C1, SBA385120930, 1964579C2, 73189156, 87106485,


Channel CNH 1309425C1 1300673C91, 
Channel CNH 1309424C1  194036C91, 1300716C91, 
Arm CNH 87519419  194494C93, 
Feeder Drum Reinforcement Kit CNH 84230830  
4 Reinforcement CNH 84229466  
1 Instruction Sheet CNH 84230825  
Spring CNH 184486C2  
Support (Angle Iron) CNH 193442A2 193442A1, 190678A3, 190678A2, 190678A1, 
Stiffener CNH 347916A1  
Electric Coil CNH 1340843C1  126048A1, 139787A1, 700720041, 195681A1, 86995305, 139787A2, 
Switch CNH 366317R93 352136R11, 366316R91, A36948, 366617R1, 22-221, 366618R91, 352134R1, 366317R92, 194181H1, 366317R91, 255357R91, 366616R1, 352135R1, 393516R91, 
Battery CNH 357703A1  
Voltage Gauge CNH 121607C2 121607C1, 
Rotor Limit Switch CNH 128298A2  128298A1, 186058C1, 
Transmitter CNH 1345482c3  1345482C1, 1345482C2, 
Switch CNH 245364c1  
Seal CNH 184867C1  
Gasket CNH 185057c2 185057C1, 
Shim Kit CNH 188196C1  139787A1, 139787A2, 
Shim Kit CNH 188195c1  139787A2, 139787A1, 
Bearing, Pillow, For Upper CG Elevator  Headshaft CNH 1317250c91  1317250C1, 
Bearing  CNH 86900821  548928R91, 80050775, B91449, 50775, 195293C91, B512081, 
Bearing CNH 214490c91 211283C91, 
Bearing CNH 1302001c91 211284C91, 
Spring, Rocktrap Idler CNH 1330032c1  
Spring, Rocktrap Idler, Used CNH 1330032c1-U  
Spring CNH PO3A PO3
Sprocket CNH 541857r92 101616C92, 398941A1, 541857R91, 383507A, TB16335, 398944A1, H747386, 87396377, FHO87726, 548674R91, 
Rocktrap Chain Idler Arm, Support CNH 1321933C3 1321933C2, 
Speednut  CNH 131-648 86900239, 133934A1, 131-876, 
Screw CNH 86900238 26627R1, 187-1333, 1270762C1, 187-331, 263-10512, MLR0950102, 260-16512, 
Sprocket, Lower Clean Grain Elevator CNH 143960A1  
Spacer CNH 1319181c1 1300726C91, 191737C1, 1300725C91, 188250C2, 188250C1, 1319183C1, 
Sprocket CNH 168683c1  
Shaft CNH 87515814 191785C1, 
Spacer CNH 27829r1  
Door CNH 195424c1  
Block CNH 582018r1  B95301, B512091, 
Sprocket CNH 87302107  565442R91, F78573, 565442R92, 
Idler Sprocket Kit CNH B95302  
Hydraulic Pump, Used CNH 1272258C92-U 1272258C91, 1949286C1, 
Cotter Pin CNH 132-1216  28346R1, 
Pin CNH 1327766c2  1317915C1, 1327766C1, 
Coupling Ring CNH 184341c2 401875R3, 401875R4, 401875R31, 401875R5, 184341C1, 401875R2, 135530A1, 401875R1, 
Coupling Ring, Used CNH 184341c2-U 401875R3, 401875R4, 401875R31, 401875R5, 184341C1, 401875R2, 135530A1, 401875R1, 
Pivot CNH 194652c1  
Key CNH Q3959 486532R91, 475763R1, 
Key CNH Q1497 761429, 
Key CNH 240 761304, 792112R91, 
Orifice, Port, Seperator Engagement, Late 2388 CNH 134713A1  
Blade CNH 87298695  
Blade Package CNH 442832a1 197124C1, 427502A1, 
Double Chopper Knife Kit, 1/4" Bolts CNH 87298693  
Double Chopper Knife Kit CNH B95767 B94079, 
Oring CNH 86529541  D482198, P5244421, H5244421, 1-7080T91, 18-1741,
Cleaning Fan Jackshaft CNH 194853C3  194853C2, 194853C1, 
Fastener, Spring clip for engine covers CNH 167800c1 189588A1, 196960A1, 168162C1, 
Engine Mount CNH 194915C2 194915C1, 
Retainer CNH 193978c1  
Bearing CNH 1345226c1  
Retainer CNH 1302221c1  
Cam CNH 1322573C1  
Retainer CNH 1979190c1  
Washer CNH 388418c1 167521H1, 
Washer CNH 130336c1  
Retainer CNH 1322623c1  
Locking Ring CNH 575186r1 1306208C2, 199695C2, 199696C2, 199695C1, 199692C3, 1306208C1, 199696C1, 199695C3, 199694C2, 199697C1, 199693C3, 199694C3, 193404C1, 199696C3, 199691C1, 194178C1, 199691C2, 199697C2, 199691C3, 199693C2, 
Bearing, Ball, 1-1/8 hex, Fafnir FAF207KRRB12 SB FAF207KRRB12  
Link, Half-link, #550, Feeder Chain CNH 87283350  1324835C1, 80768489, 9623610, 89623610, 
Connecting Link CNH 87283349 1313189C91, 195666A1, 1305988C93, 1329821C91, 1325400C91, 9623609, 1308272C92, 182097C91, 1319203C92, 89623609, 1308271C92, 182096C91, 1313410C91, 87283353, 1313188C91, 80768488, 
Hex Head Cap Screw, Milled Flats CNH 189709c1  
Link Assembly CNH 1989692c1  
Feeder Chain Extension Link, Center Chain CNH 305191a1  
Bar CNH 187225C1  
Gear CNH 87375653  84135540, 185410C1, 1300639C1, 194194C1, 84135539, 188424C1, 
Sleeve CNH 165722C1 165722R1, 
Cable CNH 195550C2 195550C1, 
Cylinder Assembly CNH 140311A3 140311A2, 
Serrated Rocktrap Beater Kit CNH B95678  
3 Serrated Rocktrap Blade CNH 1320922C2 1320922C1
18 Nut CNH 9628503  
18 Carriage Bolt CNH 280552  1278491C3, 434-624, 1278494C2, 634979R1, 1278494C1, 86568364, 1278494C4, 302331S36, 18685R1, 1278494C3, 716584006, 1278491C1, 80280552, 1278491C2, 3100328R1, 
18 Lock Washer CNH 80680 A165462, C26416, A143696, D56134, D87203, E44963, D14190, L48884, L79630,
Connecting Master Link, #550, Feeder Chain CNH 1324294C1  
Pulley CNH 428848a1 1315269C1, 1315269C91, 1315269C2, 
Pulley CNH 1338456c1  
Connecting Link JD AH137630  
Pulley ? 2cui-117-110  
Lever CNH 1315249c92 2355536R91, 1315249C91, 
Large Plate CNH 84156951 87617031, 224603A1, 
Flow Sensor Installation Kit ? 2001300-4  
Slat, Feeder Chain, Serrated, 3 Strand 88, LH CNH 196360A3  
Slat, Feeder Chain, Serrated, 3 Strand 88, RH CNH 196359A2  
Service Package CNH 84207203 196359A1, 84151020, 
Clean Grain Elevator Chain,  1440 and 1460 Shoup SHIH-1440G2 CIH 192699C92, 1302201C91
Support CNH 188263C1  
Side Assembly CNH 325508A1 325510A1, 
Rotor Front Bearing Housing CNH 87474830 1309076C1, 192956C2, 253439A3, 293431A1, 253439A2, 293431A3, 1302129C2, 253439A1, 
Pin, Large CNH 86994028  1317935C1, 
Pin CNH 1327766C2 1317915C1, 1327766C1, 
Hard Cotter CNH 132-1216 28346R1, 
Seal CNH 173559C92 173559C91, 139787A2, 139787A1, 
Washer CNH 87613283 149839C93, 35-1472T91, 191267C2, 1014377C1, 3101746R1, 191246C2, 149839C91, HK40635, 19-1071, 191246C3, 193897C3, 149839C92, 396-21066, 25976R1, 130563C1, 191298C3, 3218414R1, 149841C92, 193897C2, 118779, 3229302R91, 191298C2, 
Hex Head Cap Screw, Milled Flats CNH 187218c2 187218C1, 393503A1, 
Spacer CNH 197211C1  
Spacer CNH 314148R1 393503A1, 
Flange CNH 50591 1021944, 666695R1, 178159C1, 80056128, 1281156C1, 612031R1, 425025A1, 21892300, 86548974, 1018571, 700050591, 321804, 9549, 1012559, 4651, 
Needle Bearing CNH D66348 1308841C91, 195453M1, 168732C91, 
Seal CNH 179014C91 168733C91, S11060, 
Sprocket CNH 87740180 144031A1, 
Belt CNH 247428A1 1502461C1, 1866324R1, 782170, 1319245C2, 80782170, 247428A1X, 87020286, 1319245C1, 
Belt CNH 87476486 181055C1, 
Belt CNH 643307 80643307, 1541699C1, 
Belt CNH 1541702C1  
Idler Sprocket, Each CNH 103244 B95301, 116584, 710716, 80103244, 85076, B512080, 631905R1, 631905R91, 
Rubber Bezel, For Side Mounted Light Shining on Sieve CNH 403062a1  
Field Tracker Slider Kit CNH    
Tensioner Bracket, Grain Elevator, Inside with Rod, 1660 CNH 1345064c1  
Fan Blade CNH 169707C1  
Belt CNH 124573A1  
Door CNH 1309146C1 184559C92, 160747C1, 
Rod CNH 191823C2 191823C1
Spring CNH V368 V368L, 191824C1, V 368, 1300023C1, 
Chopper Blade Kit CNH B96349 B94078, 
Cone, Spreader CNH 47442301 188218C2, 188218C3, 188218C5, 188218C6, 188218C4, 
Spring CNH 635503R1  
belt, hydraulic pump drive, 1666 CNH 643307 1541699C1, 80643307, 
Serpentine Belt, 1660 W/Cummins CNH J911574 J905868, 2852248, 
Belt Tensioner CNH 87326910  
Grease Hose CNH 937779r91  
Grease Hose CNH 937781R92 1339307C1, 937781R91, 
Grease Hose CNH 937782R92 937782R91, 1339308C1, 
Hub CNH 196482C3 139787A2, 196482C1, 192814C1, 196482C2, 139787A1, 186701C1, 
Sensor/Potentiometer, AHC CNH 86616380 126771A1, 
trough, lower clean grain pan 1680, red CNH 1317392C1  
belt, engine fan, cummins combine CNH J911572  
Spreader Bat Kit, 14/16 Combines CNH B94544  
Brake Shim Kit, Incomplete? CNH 221598a1 1997655C1, 1997645C1, 
Steering Arm CNH 193911C4 193911C2, 193911C3, 
s-hooks, #550 s pin, feeder chain s hooks CNH 1329837c2 23442r1
washer, special machine, cleaning fan jackshaft CNH 183274C2  
ring, snapring, cleaning fan jackshaft CNH 360936R1  
grain tank trough kit, stainless liner, 2 per kit CNH 87561634  
lock collar, for upper CG headshaft bearing,  CNH 87431216  
light bulb, for indicator dash lights in 21-2388 CNH a48888  
sprocket, weld-a-sprocket, #60x26 CNH 6026x  
Bearing, Cleaning Fan CNH 84330044 192471C92, 1302725C91


                                     DESCRIPTION  NOTE SOURCE PN#NEW PN#OLD
30' guard kit, for 1020   CNH b95639  
Wobble Box Repair Kit 800-1000 Series   CNH b95203  
Wobble Box Repair Kit 800-1000 Series, Incomplete   CNH B95203I  
Guide   CNH 87620690  
Nut, Special   CNH 410726A1  
Guard, SCH   SCH 10682  
Guard, SCH   SCH 10628  
Hub   CNH 1308425c1  
Guard   CNH 87442324 334305A1, 
Guard   CNH 613838r3 613838R1, 613838R2, 
Guard, 1 Prong   CNH 1338269C1  
Guard   CNH 87442329 1326787C3, 1326787C2, 1326787C1, 
Guard   ? FQ270  
Cotter Hair Pin   CNH 185309a1 150724C1, 410725A1, 
Finger   CNH 187072C3  187072C2, 187072C1, 
Finger, Used   CNH 187072C3U  187072C2, 187072C1, 
Skid   CNH 377580a1  
Rivet, Package   CNH B95904  
Rivet   CNH 86548631  B96608, 
AUTO HEADER HEIGHT CONTROL Linkage Kit   CNH 434092A4E 434092A1E, 
AUTO HEADER HEIGHT CONTROL Linkage Kit, Used   CNH 434092A4E-U 434092A1E, 
Potentiometer   CNH 245885c93 245885C92, 
Support   CNH 185599C1  
Guide   CNH 189649c1 180925C92, 
Bushing   CNH 185567c1  
Arm   CNH 1316674c3 1316674C1, 1316674C2, 
Clamp   CNH 1313160c2 1313160C1, 
Clamp, Used   CNH 1313160c2 1313160C1, 
Knife Section XHVY, BL, TS, SS   CNH 436995a1  
Knife Section XHVY, TS, BL, BT   CNH 112074A1 112074B, 
Knife Section, Course Cut, SCH   SCH 10978  
Double Knife Section, Fine Cut        
Double Knife Section, HVY Super 7 TS Chrome   Herschel s20-4317  
Section, Heavy 7 Top Serrated Chrome   Herschel s20-4351  
Section, Shape #2 XHVY, TS, PL   Harvest King 212-001  
Section, Shape #2 XHVY, TS, BL, BT   Harvest King 231-211  
Fine Cut Section        
SCH Splice Kit   SCH SCP080000  
Splice Kit   CNH 371658A1 371681A1, B92972, 371668A1, 
Splice Kit   Herschel C83-0755  
SCH Nut and Bolt Package, 50   SCH 80503  
CNH Nut and Bolt Kit   CNH 86507777 700705296, 86507777DS, 850716, 
CNH Nut and Bolt Kit, Incomplete   CNH 86507777 700705296, 86507777DS, 850716, 
Herschel Nut and Bolt Kit   Herschel B55-0095D  
Harvest King Nut and Bolt Kit   Harvest King 904-500  
Potentiometer   CNH 86616339  
Extension   CNH 1308445c2 1308445C1, 
Extension   CNH 1308446C2 1308446C1
Idler Sprocket   CNH 1316050C91  
Finger   CNH 434295a2 1320699C3, 1320699C1, 434295A2AR, 
Bearing Half   CNH 9842300 89842300, 9842300, 1347084C1, HB26506, 003791390, 
1020 Bottom Sheet Clip Included with Guard Kit CNH 1307580C2 1307580C1, 
1020 Shims, Thin Included with Guard Kit CNH 1316039C1  
1020 Shims, Thick Included with Guard Kit CNH 1316040c1  
1020 Shims, Thick, Square Hole Included with Guard Kit CNH 126628c1  
Spring   CNH 87450163  
Bearing Half   CNH 167938  
Spring, 820 Wobble Box Tensioner   CNH 185791C1  
Poly Skid, Right Side, 1020   CNH 40285  
Pulley   CNH 125962A1 134773A1, 134775A1, 


Ear Saver, Rubber Flap   CNH 199097c3 199097C2, 
Large Plate   CNH 1306689c3 1306689C1, 1306689C2, 
Ear Saver Kit   CNH b94550a B94550, 
Center Skid Shoe  800, 900 and 1000 series steel snouts Shoup SH199070 CNH  199070C2
Center Skid Shoe Kit   CNH B94736  
Center Skid Shoe  800, 900 and 1000 series steel snouts CNH 199070C2  199070C1, 
Outer Skid Shoe 800, 900 and 1000 series steel snouts Shoup SH199068 CNH 199068C2
Outer Skit Shoe Kit   CNH B94845  
Gathering Chain, JD   JD AN102009  
Cornhead Knife. New   CNH 1327126C1 199314C93, 199163C1, 199314C91, 199313C93, 1327207C1, 1327207C2, 1327206C1, 199162C1, 1327206C2, 
Cornhead Knife, Used   CNH 1327126c1-U 199314C93, 199163C1, 199314C91, 199313C93, 1327207C1, 1327207C2, 1327206C1, 199162C1, 1327206C2, 
Coupling   CNH 176301c2  1327206C2, 199314C91, 1327207C1, 1327206C1, 199314C93, 1327207C2, 199313C93, 176298C91, 176301C1, 176299C91, 
Support   CNH 1327204C1 87593314, 84471412, 84416205, 87593314E, 
Support, Used   CNH 1327204c1-U 87593314, 84471412, 84416205, 87593314E, 
Stalk Roll Support, Left   Shoup SH1327204c1 CNH 1327204C1
Stalk Roll Support, Right   Shoup SH1327205c1 CNH 1327205C1
Support   CNH 1327205C1 84416205, 87593314, 84471412, 87593314E, 
Cornhead Bearing Kit   CNH B95612  
Support Assembly   CNH 199371C5 199371C4, 199371C3, 
Idler Support, Left   Shoup SH199371 CNH 199371C5, 87298082
Idler Support, Right   Shoup SH199372 CNH 199372CS, 87298083
Support Assembly   CNH 199372C5 199372C3, 199372C4, 
Seal Kit   CNH A47038 224712C91, D65140, 
Bushing   CNH 176311c1  
Support   CNH 1306172C1 1989234C1, 
Support   CNH 1306171C1 1989233C1, 
Gasket   CNH 199492C1  
Bolt, Special (Cornhead Dipstick)   CNH 199495c1  
Bushing   CNH 1327151c1 1989230C1, 
Needle Bearing   CNH 630836c91  80214234, 630837C91, 214234, 
Needle Bearing   CNH 308674r1  66810, 308674R91, 80066810, 
Bar   CNH 1306207C1  
Pin/Rivet   CNH 156167c1 156167, 157167C1, 
Pin/Rivet   CNH 176307c1  
Stripper Plate Hardware Kit   CNH B95449B  
Point   CNH 176227c1  199375C1, 
Point    CNH 176237c1  
Point   Shoup SH199375 Case No 199375C1, 176227C1
Point Kit Inner 800/900/1000   CNH B94737  
Point   ? ?  
Drive Sprocket   CNH 199727c1  
Idler Sprocket   CNH 629972r91 152260C91, 180192C91, F10427, 582389R91, 629972R92, 936048R91, 569065R91, 7085970, 
Idler Sprocket, Used, Gathering Chain   CNH    
Kit   CNH B94734  
Bracket   CNH 176286c2 176286c1
Bracket, Used   CNH 176286c2U 176286c1
Guide   CNH 1347176C1 199380C2, 199379C2, 199379C1, 
Bracket   CNH 176287C2 176287C1, 
LH Support   CNH 199678c1  
LH Support   CNH 134135A1  
Gathering Chain Idler, JD   JD    
Support   CNH 1306693C1  
Support   CNH 1306692C1  
knife kit, corn head   CNH B94532  
hose, steering hand pump   cnh 104792C1  
sprocket, weld-a-sprocket, #60x26   cnh 6026x  
shims, for corn head points or unload helmet, small   cnh 151670C1  
snoot, divider, outer end, poly, LH   cnh 320084A1  
snoot, divider, outer end, poly, RH   cnh 320085A1  
stalk roll kit, with knives, water pump bearings   cnh 82797036  
Gathering Chain   CNH B176279C91 176279C91GV, 9613279, 
Corn Head Idler Kit   CNH B94739  


                                    DESCRIPTION  NOTE SOURCE PN#NEW
battery, Interstate C24-XHD top post Interstate C24-XHD
battery, Interstate MT-24F C24F-XHD Interstate MT-24F
battery, Intetstate MTP-65 top post Interstate MTP-65
battery, Interstate MT-65 top post Interstate MT-65
battery, Interstate MTP-78DT dual term Interstate MTP-78DT
battery, Interstate MTP-78 side post Interstate MTP-78
Battery, Interstate PF-78DT-7 (Powerfast Value Series) Dual Term Interstate PF-78DT-7
battery, Interstate 31-MHD stud post Interstate 31-MHD
battery, Interstate 31P-MHD top post Interstate 31P-MHD
battery, Interstate SP-22NF top post Interstate SP-22NF
battery, Interstate 1-VHD 6 volt Interstate 1-VHD
Battery, Interstate 4D-XHD Big 12v Interstate 4D-XHD
battery, Interstate SRM-24 deep cycle Interstate SRM-24
Lawn Mower Battery, 340 CCA   Interstate SP-40
delco alternator diode plug adaptor   CNH delco plug
battery cable, 2 ga, ft   Interstate 202104-025
battery cable, 2/0 ga, ft   Interstate 202107-025
Alternator, Fondy 100 Amp   Fondy 7186-100A
Core, Fondy 100 Amp Alternator   Fondy Core-Fondy
Mini Charger   Interstate 900Mini


JI Case Float Kit, 560 Carb   CNH 47398dx 47495D, 
Needle Kit   CNH 47396DAX40 47396DX45, 47396DXA40, 47396DXA45, 47396DX-40, 29302DXA50, 
Fuel Filter   CNH 370832R91GV  
Gas Main Jet Shut Off Solenoid   CNH 71425c92 384818R94, 384818R93, 384818R92, 384821R1, 384818R91, 
Points   Standard IH2958  
Condenser   Standard IH109  
Condenser   Standard DR60  
Points/Condenser   CNH 407062r91 372951R91, 
Tuneup Kit   AMPCO TK101MV  
Points   CNH 71468c1 A25195, IGS2224LB, IGS2224L, A40929, A25963, 
Resistor   CNH 1940950
Ignitor, Electronic Ignition, For 12v 6 Cyl IH Gas   AP 830631  
Ignitor   HC 830577 1442
Ignitor   HC 831542  
Ignitor   HC 831541  
Electronic Ignition Conversion   Standard LX817  
Coil     UC15T  
6 Cyl Distributor Cap     IH444  
Switch/Solenoid   CNH 178149A1 D61168, 20-1608T1, D61884, 545756R1, 121613C1, 706124C2, 22-492, 72186034, D56649, 221489, 142341A1, 6-1496, 22-618, 72186026, A39079, 706124C3, 
Fuel Pump   CNH 84142216 00181081, 76192381, J928143, 71100951, 0000181081, 76191626, R3943503, 76195631, 3928143, 87416017, J904374, 4900/10020, 3970880, 87319987, J970880, 76195430, 
Pump, Fuel Lift Pump, On Side Of 8.3 Engine   CNH 87473338 J921550, 3936317, J932225, 76195573, J933253, J925856, J926034, 87648714, J930135, 71101309, J936317, 
Fuel Pump, Electric   CNH 87472310 302867A1, 196503C2, 196503C1, 
Fuel Return, 6 Cyl   CNH 3218122R1  
Clamp   CNH j917749 76194665, J910691, A77628, J914341, 3917749, 
Clamp   CNH J917747 A77494, 3917747, J6828294, 76195205, A77529, 75208946, E156614, 75288041, H6828293, 76192112, A77593, 75286117, A77628, J914339, 87775058, J904520, 8033220, 
Clamp   CNH 684899C1 674830C2, 
Valve, Shutoff   CNH 301803r1 139787A2, 87773979, S83788, 301803R91, 1287760C1, 83961305, A16764, 76084885, 139787A1, 83916436, 267088, 1-2664, 80267088, D104066, 288192C91, 
Thermostat   Stant 14408  
Thermostat   CNH 108120r92 216906R92, 889622R91, 108120R91, 
Thermostat   CNH 3042303r92 369322R91, 3042303R91, 
Thermostat   CNH 3228046r3 3228046R1, 3228046R2, 
Seal, Cooler   PAI 431221 NAV675513c1, CNH 675513C1
Oil Drain Tube Oring Seal   Interstate Mcbee M-673185c1 CHN: 673185C1,  619218C1, 
Breather Baffle Gasket   Interstate Mcbee M-677711c2 677711C2,  677711C3, 677711C1, 
Gasket   CNH 1342834c1 253660R2, 
Gasket   CNH 1342835c1 687903C1, 670079C2, 670079C1, 
coil, ignition coil, flamethrower, 12v, 1.5 ohm   ap 840511  
washer, plastic seal, oil filter bolt, IH gas engine   CNH 384532R1  
gasket, valve cover    CNH 1342828C1  
seal, valve cover bolt seals   cnh 1342830c1  
hose, valve cover beather hose   cnh 690460C1  
spark plug, Autolite 386   apw aup 386  
spark plug, Autolite 388   apw aup 388  
clamp, spring clamp, for 3/16 injector return line   cnh A180159  
fuel line hose, 3/16", injector return line, ft   apw gat 85940-3RLA 3 ft per engine
belt set, engine fan, IH DT   cnh 537072r92  
seal ring, turbo outlet, IH   cnh 702299C1  
seal, governor shaft, 560, IH gas, 263   cnh 361123r91  
gasket, tappet cover, 560, IH gas, 263   cnh 369982r1  
boot, starter solenoid   cnh A42308  
spark plug wire set, 6 cyl,    apw std 3602  
belt tensioner, engine fan, cummins   cnh 87326910  
Washer   CNH 691644C1  
Seal   CNH 359449R91 360437R91, 364474R91, 103330H, 364470R91, 357978R91, 70259D, 357973R91, 703281R91, 367162R91, 58685D, 359056R91, 93516R91, 359789R91, 953020R1, 
Hose   CNH 675859c2 675859c1
Hose   CNH 532681R1  
Hose   CNH 532680r1  
Pressure Sender   CNH 1341329c1 22-732, 20-1643T1, 1-2227, S27826, S119237, E61421, 700707056, E65589, 700708877, 35-1695T91, 
Water Pump JD 770B, BH. 772 B, BH. 4055, 4050, 4250, 4255, 4450, 4455, 4555 Ag Parts R71224  
Water Pump IH 1066, 1086, 3388, 3788, 5088, 5288, 6388, 6788, 7488 Ag Parts 672644  
Water Pump AC, Case, CIH, Gleaner, IHC, MF, White   Ag Parts A77704  
Water Pump 4430, 4630, 7070   Ag Parts R50408  
Injection Pump, AMBAC Rotary     691492c93 691492C91, 691492C92, 735171C91, 
Bosch Inline Injection Pump        
Bosch Inline Injection Pump, With Aneroid, Broken Lever      
Pan Gasket, M-450   CNH 46109DB 46109DA, 842578R95, 
Pan Gasket   CNH 87308050 75208155, J908540, A77679, 8032497, J914017, 76193456, J973509, A77999, 76107826, J938160, A77583, 1495146, J906611, 84227938, 3938160, 87546566, J934044, 3914017, J911818, 87546493, 76194543, B91558, 
Hose   CNH 369921R1  
560 V Belt   CNH 403348r1 8299r1, 149635r1, 332562r1
Belt   CNH 874097C1 190003140081, 400549R91, 65338C91, 
Coil Bracket, Chrome   Ag Parts 810002  
Ignitor   HC 830579  
Ignitor   HC 830679  
Ignitor   HC 830695  
Rotor   Standard IH312  
Water Pump   Ag Parts 804927  
Screen   CNH 29902dx  
5088 Front Main Wear Sleeve   CNH 690437c94  
Valve Cover Gasket   CNH 1342828C1  
Valve Cover Breather Gasket   CNH 1342832C1  
Governor Springs   CNH 373331R91  
Injetor Sleeve   CNH 675442C1  
466 Return Kit   Dipaco DPE46620  
Gasket   CNH 675398C2 675398C1, 
Main Seal Kit, With Wear Seeve   CNH A77808AM A77808
Seal, Shaft, Carbeuretor   CNH 529762R91 362201R91, 
Shaft   CNH 49788DXA  
Ether Nozzle   CNH 269635R91 385069R1, 122811H1, 385071R91, 
cap, rubber end cap for #1 injector return   cnh 1802452C1  
Fuel Line, Strainer to Carb   CNH 60684DXGV  
466 Exhaust Manifold Studs/Nuts   CNH    
Injector Boot   JD R34765  
Coil, Flamethrower   Ag Parts 840511  
21mm Freeze Plug, Cummins Oil Galley   CNH A77506 87774963, 
Partsmaster Universal IGN Wire Kit     23400  
Ignitor   Ag Parts? 830570  


Hydraulic Filter   CNH 1976934C5 NZE179475, E179474, NZE179474, E179475, NZE179469, E179468, NZE179468, E179717, 1976934C2, E179469, 92801C1, E179716, 1976934C4, E179714, 1976934C3, 
High Performance Hydraulic Filter   CNH 294721a1  
Hydraulic Filter Element   CNH 528493R3  386120R91, 528507R92, 390560R91, 533289R91, 1272154C1, 528507R91, 385683R91, 401839R91, 538654R91, 382248R91, 70432C91, 386122R92, 528493R1, 386120R1, 528493R2, 
Hydraulic Filter O-Ring, For 528493R3   CNH 69122  S111970, 84244440, 151201568, G109495, 151216244, 76088796, 1-1843, 8605263, 238-5254, G33823, 80069122, 151216134, A55800, 609459C93, 151216183, 97-043376, G104672, 151216125, 70923932, V69122, 8605264, 285253R1, 151216169, 446335A1, 97043376, 
Hydraulic Filter   CNH 70203C2  18-502, B92279, 70203C1, 65-126, 530976R91, 
Hydraulic Filter   CNH 388084r93  370883R91, 370883R92, 388088R93, 388084R91, 388084R92, 370882R91, 374990R91, 374989R91, 
Hydraulic Filter, Deere   JD AR94510  
Hydraulic Filter, Grasshopper Transaxle   Grasshopper 100850  
Hydraulic Filter Cartridge, Baldwin   Baldwin P203  
Hydraulic Filter, Wix   Wix 51253  
Hydraulic Filter, Wix   Wix 57902  
Hydraulic Filter, Wix   Wix 51434  
Oil Filter   Napa 1742  
Oil Filter   Baldwin BT287  
Oil Filter Cartridge   Wix 51760  
Oil Filter   Wix 51602  
Oil Filter   Wix 51006  
Oil Filter   Wix 51307  
Oil Filter   Wix 51133  
Oil Filter   Wix 51161  
Oil Filter   Wix 51165  
Oil Filter   Wix 51151  
Oil Filter   Wix 51344  
Oil Filter   Wix 51374  
Oil Filter   Wix 51358  
Oil Filter   Wix 51320  
Oil Filter   Wix 51215  
Oil Filter Element, Fleetguard   CNH LF618  CFGLF0618DS, FGLF0618DS, 
Oil Filter   CNH A146696  F67155, G45210, V39198, A58758, D29891, A37189, 
Oil Filter, IH   CNH A184775  
Oil Filter   CNH 398080r2  3136216R1, 402775R91, 3132184R91, 390080R1, 397868R1, 3132183R91, 998437R91, 398080R1, 390080R2, 
Oil Filter Element   CNH 376374r91 323842R91, 759659R91, 360430R91, 63855D, 355009R91, 
Oil Filter   CNH A77537  
Oil Filter, Fleetguard, German Diesel   CNH LF673  FGLF0673DS, CFGLF0673DS, FGLF673LDS, 528250R1,  E179447, 1970912C1, E179444, 3116609R91, E179441, 1967093C1, 528250R1, E179449, 3136046R92, E179446, 303998R1, E179443, 3136046R91, E179450, E179448, 384529R1, E179438, E179440, 3116609R92, 3136046R93
Oil Filter, Yamaha     5GH-13440-00  
Oil Filter, Wix, For Onan     51762  
Oil Filter, Wix     51242  
Oil Filter, Wix     51348  
Fuel Filter, German Diesel   CNH 1967094C1  
Fuel Filter, 2390 Case   CNH 47395687  A58719, CASA41745, A41745, A44068, 
Fuel Filter, 2390 Case   CNH 47395692  A77220, CASA41745, A41745, A44068, 74028945, A58719, 1930769, 
Fuel Filter   CNH 47387534  E179672, 35-1599T92, 35-1661T92, 35-1663T91, E179489, 35-1528T91, 35-1571T91, 35-1529T91, E179496, 35-1599T91, 35-1530T91, 35-1601T91, 3315844, 35-1603T91, 35-1605T91, 702255C1, E179499, 35-1572T91, 35-1603T92, 35-1661T91, E179671, 35-1571T92, 35-1601T92, 35-1605T92, A184776, 35-1530T92, 35-1524T91, 35-1690T91, 335341A1, 35-1522T91, 35-1663T92, 91-1606T1, 
Fuel Filter   CNH 84557099  E179508, E179518, E179676, E179679, NZE179475, E179709, E179666, 73316799, 00180411, 76613840, 8961100067, NZE179467, 35-1673T91, 76613841, E179474, E179491, E179475, E179686, J931063, E179531, E179488, 76613845, 1449793, 72189686, NZE179484, P150564, 87461664, 76613832, E179501, E179502, E179664, E179667, E179688, NZE179472, E179515, 73316838, 76615126, NZE179466, 33-1157T1, V37545, 8900125239, 76613837, E179494, E179498, E179507, E179687, NZE179453, E179497, E179665, 1931149, 72193302, 76613833, 87622169, P1950572, 76613835, NZE179456, E179466, E179472, E179456, E179678, E179473, J903640, E179529, 4999/50342, ND090932, 76615125, 86991003, 1499072, 76613836, NZE179469, E179453, E179454, E179468, E179523, E179469, E179685, E179708, 83977315, PG150564, 4900/10017, 76585432, 1493471, 76615127, NZE179468, A77470, E179661, B503365, E179519, E179681, E179680, E179712, NZE179478, 76613846, 9501000016, 4999/50341, 75208272, NZE179473, 1168389, 80276515, E179457, E179677, E179467, E179522, E179717, E179682, E179698, 76585426, 990008377P, 76613888, 84227055, NZE179474, 4900/10013, 1478138, M1950572, 
Fuel Filter   CNH 335341a1  
Fuel Filter   CNH A184773  
Fuel Filter   CNH A184774  672603C2, 
Fuel Filter, Water Seperator, 4bt Cummins   CNH J286503  
Fuel Filter   CNH A184776  
Fuel Filter   CNH J931063  
Coolant/Water Filter   CNH J100304  
Fuel Filter, Fleetguard   CNH FS1212  FS1212W, FF1212, FS1222, FS1212HP, FGFS1212DS, CFGFS1212DS
Fuel Filter, Luber-Finer     Lff1000  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33384  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33374  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33518  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33166  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33171  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33360  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33517  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33552  
Fuel Filter   Wix 33109  
Air Filter   CNH 247752a1  
Air Filter   CNH 932390c1  P13-1335, 700713454, 
Air Filter   CNH 67975c1  
Air Filter   CNH 67974c4  67974C2, 67974C1, 67974C3, 
Air Filter   CNH 132149A1  73316845, 
Air Filter   CNH 132151a1 73316845, 
Air Filter   Napa Gold 6569  
Air Filter   Napa 6562  
Air Filter   Wix 42374  
Air Filter   Wix 546434  
Element   CNH 405501c1 170349C1, 
100 Mesh Strainer, 1" NPT     SS-1-100  
Water Seperator   Wix 33472  
Oil Filter   Wix 57011  
Oil Filter   CNH J908616  
Oil Filter   CNH 84496951 E179504, E179675, E179708, E179511, ND118470, 73317097, L1950571, E179662, E179508, E179664, E179513, ND088151, V88835, 73177276, E179472, E179516, E179699, E179505, 73316818, NZE179470, J934429, E179502, E179527, E179509, E179510, 73317099, J933145, NZE179468, E179474, E179507, E179700, E179666, 83977316, NZE179472, 6901200, J908616, E179466, E179464, E179677, E179515, J903224, NZE179464, 4900/10012, 76613888, E179501, E179503, E179667, E179470, J908616MP, NZE179474, 72190600, 87463401, E179468, E179665, E179661, E179676, E179674, 1479791, NZE179466, 76613832, 
Oil Filter Cartridge   CNH 323827R91 785896R91, 279994R91, 309188R91, 323828R91, 165501H1, 
Oil Filter   JD AM39653  
Oil Filter   Napa 1602  


                                     DESCRIPTION  NOTE SOURCE PN#NEW PN#OLD
30w Diesel Oil, 5 Gal   CNH 407356R5  
oil, 30w gas ashless, 5 gal   CNH 407344R3  
15w40 Engine Oil, Diesel Old Style CNH 407414R2  
15w40 Engine Oil, Diesel New Style CNH 73341702 407414R2, 
15w40 Engine Oil, Northland   APW 10K3M  
Hydraulic Oil, Tran-Draulic for CaseIH, Northland, 5 Gal   APW 4OI1M  
oil, hydraulic, hy-tran ultra, 5 gal   CNH 372705R7  
Hydraulic Oil, Hy-Tran Ultraction, 5 Gal   CNH 73341724  
Hydraulic Oil, Tran-Draulic for JD, Northland, 5 Gal   APW TDJD-5G  
Hydraulic Oil, JD Hy-Guard, 5 Gal   JD AR69444  
oil, gear, 85-140, 5 gal   CNH B85144  
oil, gear, 85-140, 1 gal   CNH B85142  
oil, gear, 85-140, 2.5 gal   CNH b85143  
oil, limited slip additive, qt   CNH 87299132  
oil, engine break-in, JD, 5 gal   CNH TY22088  
20w50 Engine Oil, Yamalube, QT     Y20w-50  
power service, anti-gel, white, qt   APW ps 1025  
power service, 911 anti-gel, red, qt   APW ps 8025  
Schaeffers Soyshield, Pint   Gary Briggs 139A-1P  
Schaeffers Chain Lube   Gary Briggs 227  
Schaeffers Penetro 90   Gary Briggs 190  
Schaeffers Silver Streak   Gary Briggs 200S  
Schaeffer Moly EP Grease, Tube   Gary Briggs 274  
Schaeffer All Trans Synthetic Transmission Fluid   Gary Briggs 202  
CIH 251H EP Grease, Tube   CNH 132096a1 1-2390, 407280R1, M20515, 407188R1, 844192C1, 
Starting Fluid, JD Ether   JD RE33636  
JD Cornhead Grease   JD AN102562  
Brake Cleaner, Can   APW Mag 409  
Power Service 911, 80 Oz, Sealed   APW 8080  
Power Service 911, 80 Oz, Opened   APW 8080I  
JD Ether, Incomplete   JD RE33636i  
IH Ether   CNH ZAD3  
Isopropyl Gas Line Antifreeze   APW Zecol 201  
Sta-Bil Quart, Incomplete   APW 22214i  
CIH Moly Grease, GR-75   CNH 73340211 190007380002, B91343, 87400001, 132095A1, 56767C1, B17495, 
PB Blaster   APW 16-PB  
Fluid Film   ? AS11  
JD Spray Lube   JD TY6350  
Lubri-Plate Chain and Cable Fluid   ? L0135-063  
CRC Power Lube   APW "05005"  
Copper Anti Seize, Old   ? 13010  
ATF   APW Master MSATF  
Low Ash Engine Oil, 30Wt, QT   CNH 407340R3 407340R1, 407340R2, 
Bar/Chain Oil, Gallon   ? 751  
5w30 Engine Oil, Northland Select   APW SKU 1365605300  
R134a 12oz Can, Johnsens     6312  
R134A PAG Oil Charge Can, FJC     9145  
Seafoam Motor Treatment, 16OZ     SF16  
Seafoam Trans Tune, 16OZ     TT16  


                                      DESCRIPTION  NOTE SOURCE PN#NEW PN#OLD
switch, planter marker advance   CNH 1250682C1  
Bearing   CNH 1264322C91  
Bearing   CNH 47577198  
Bearing   CNH 602957R91 48198, 602958R91, 700711926, T17079, 7910, 2974875, 1264321C91, 80412278, 80048198, 122600, 712919, 
Bearing   CNH 51200379 R26281, A26680, 1968312C1, 4033/99226, 50213V, 237595A1, 
Seal   CNH 137231C1  
roller   CNH 1277726C1 137049C3, 
Bracket   CNH 193948A1 1279011C1, 1279011C2, 
Sprocket   CNH 1277736c1  
Connecting Link   CNH 25195 2249, B12501, 241-1314, 80025195, H757211, 42361100, ACL40GV, V12439, 80535270, 1301D, 80722795, 86976086, 179913C91, 60-1416T1, H748285, 
800-1200 COVERING DISK KIT   CNH B95381  
Washer   CNH 86624172 133131C92, 495-81074, 133131C93, 614451R1, 133134C93, 
Tube   CNH 1986373C1 140845C2, 140845C1, 
Wheel   CNH 548821R3 548821R1, 548821R2, 
Bearing   CNH 1980505C1 472022R91, 1547196C1, 
Bearing   CNH 478034R91 58095C91, ST438, 126856A1, 
Seal Kit   CNH 79974C2 1252019C1, 79974C1, 
Bearing   CNH 1337998C1 87413890, 87413889, 04694040, 87413887, 1337545C1, 
Bearing   CNH 2570-549  
Spring   CNH 1264391C1 413704A1, 
Rim   CNH 539670R1 546340R1, 
Housing   CNH 137129C1  
Axle   CNH 548810R1  
Bearing   CNH 128558C91 1250919C91, 1995598C1, 1250658C91, 1264394C91, 
Pin   CNH 175598A1 1261124C1, 90836C2, 90836C1, 
Bearing    CNH 134157C91  
Switch   CNH 1547188C1 142526C2, 142526C4, 
Bearing   CNH 141242C91  
Bushing   CNH 137512C3 137512C1, 137512C2, 
Bearing   CNH 8430043 367857A1, 134181C92, 134181C91, 1254146C91, 
Bearing   CNH 1268017C91 145161C91, 1016573, 1017596, 492757R91, 127170A1, B95205NH, 149157C91, 1333711C1, 1030415, 1025166, 1969052C1, 1017572, 
Bearing   CNH 134158C92 134158C91, 
Spring   CNH 436715a1 147425C2, 147425C5, 147425C1, 413696A1, 147425C4, 147425C3, 
Spring   CNH 436748a1 140579C1, 413719A1, B95269NH, 
Plug   CNH 436747A1 144847C1, B95269NH, 
Bearing   CNH 1254203C91 B95270NH, 140393C91, 81475C2, 
Wheel Assembly   CNH 225349a1 1279444C91, 
Sensor   CNH 1336025C2 134057C1, 1336025C1, 245610C1, 
Planter Bearing, HEX, 2 Bolt Oval Flange   CNH    
Bushing   CNH 133966C1  


                                    DESCRIPTION SOURCE PN PN#OTHER
Spark Plug Non Fouler, 18mm, Each APW HELP 42009  
Autolite Spark Plug APW 388 388
Autolite Spark Plug APW 386  
Autolite Spark Plug APW 666  
Autolite Spark Plug   45  
Autolite Spark Plug   216  
Autolite Spark Plug   25  
Autolite Spark Plug   3116  
Autolite Spark Plug   104  
Champion Spark Plug APW D14 514
Champion Spark Plug APW D16 516
Champion Spark Plug APW D18Y  
Champion Spark Plug APW D21 502
Champion Spark Plug APW J19LM 861
Champion Spark Plug APW RJ19LM 868
Champion Spark Plug APW N11YC 302
Champion Spark Plug APW N2C 805
Champion Spark Plug APW F10C 110
Champion Spark Plug APW RJ18YC6 66
Champion Spark Plug APW J8C 841
Champion Spark Plug APW RS14YC 408
Champion Spark Plug APW CJ8 843
Champion Spark Plug APW RV15YC4 18
Champion Spark Plug APW RC12YC  
Champion Spark Plug APW RC14YC 431
Champion Spark Plug APW RS14YC 408
Champion Spark Plug APW RBL12  
Champion Spark Plug   G59C 654
NGK Spark Plug APW B85S 5510
NGK Spark Plug APW BP7ES 1034
NGK Spark Plug APW BPR7ES 2023
NGK Spark Plug APW BR9ES 3194/5722
NGK Spark Plug APW BPR9ES 7788
NGK Spark Plug APW D7EA 7912
NGK Spark Plug APW D8EA 2120
NGK Spark Plug APW D8HA 7112
NGK Spark Plug APW C7HSA 4629
NGK Spark Plug APW BMR2A 7677
NGK Spark Plug APW 2FR5F 7558
NGK Spark Plug APW BKR5ES 2460
NGK Spark Plug   BPR5Es  
NGK Spark Plug APW BP5ES 7832
NGK Spark Plug APW DPR8EA-9 4929
NGK Spark Plug APW BUE  
NGK Spark Plug   R5673-9  
NGK Spark Plug Cap   20-0279  
NGK Spark Plug Cap NGK LZFH  
 5488 Tractor 25* Park Brake Pawl, For updated Gearset. Almost New Condition $762.55 From Case. Our Price $500.
 1270960C2 1270960C1